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A comprehensive 'guide' site of Jaipur.

While compiling the site, we have tried not only to cater to millions who come to Jaipur as tourists, but also to the residents who want to know more of this beautiful city.

The site is divided in sections, each covering a range of information. Each section has been further divided into different sub-sections giving an in-depth information the user would find immensely helpful. The site has some colorful photographs and portraits. These photographs are a real show-window to Jaipur, giving the user a glimpse into the panoramic life of Jaipur.

Jaipur is known for it's legacy of being one of the celebrated cities of it's time, the legacy which was built by it's visionary rulers.

We have endeavored to not only to put Jaipur on the net, but it is our sincere effort to let the world know, that Jaipur is not only a city which thrives on the history it has inherited, but it has courage and conviction to embrace the winds of change in the modern times and that it is willing to march ahead in the next century, without losing any charm of the spirit it revels in.

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